Craig Rice, Professional Genealogist

Craig RiceI have been doing genealogy research for over 50 years. I started doing research on my family when I was in high school and have been researching ever since. In 2003 I knew I was going to be laid off from Pfizer as they were closing down the Ann Arbor facility and decided to turn my hobby into a profession since I was already spending 20 hours a week doing research. Pfizer provided money for retraining and I went back to college and completed a 3 year genealogy program in the next year, receiving all A’s. I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogist and several Genealogy Societies. I was one of the researchers for until they took that process in-house.
I have researched 100’s of families’ genealogies since then and treat all of my genealogy jobs as if I were researching my own family. I would be happy to do research to find your ancestors. I have done extensive research in all parts of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I have done some research in most parts of Europe.


Genealogy makes a great present for a parent or grandparent. It also makes a great present for a wedding as I can do research on both the bride’s and the groom’s families and combine them in a chart suitable for framing that brings both families together.
For a family reunion I can make a large wall chart which shows the way all of the family members are related and add family history research to show their ancestors as well. These charts can be very large and I have made charts as long as 20 feet with several hundred family members on it. These charts end up being a focal point of the reunion and have people looking at the chart for the whole time the reunion is going on.
You can contact me at (734) 429-4514 or I look forward to helping you explore your family history.