Substitute List for BNI Ann Arbor West Members

If a member cannot attend they should send a substitute to the meeting.  The best subsitute you can send is a co-worker or a client.  If you can’t find a substitute on your own, then use the below list of people who are prepared to be called upon to substitute for any member of the Ann Arbor West BNI chapter.

Please be courteous and give as much notice as possible – ideally at least one week – and supply your substitute with your 45 second presentation and any referrals or testimonials you wish them to give on your behalf.

If you know anyone who wants to substitute or join the Ann Arbor West Chapter, please ask them to send their details to

Andrew Babnik Jr
Babnik Law
cell: 248.973.7240

Michael Berman
Bloom Wellness

tel: 310.824.3162


Brent Engels
Profile by Sanford
cell: 605.520.1469


Jeffree Findley
tel: 703.618.9458

Nichole Hein (Tutor)
Simplex Academy of Math and Sciences
tel: 734.277.2067

David Herman
David’s Mobile Notary

cell: 734.834.2692

Christopher Juillet, PLC
Estate Planning Attorney
tel: 734.827.9450

Carol Kamm
Once Again Online Resale
tel: 734.761-6187


Sean Naes
Sean Naes, LLC
tel: 734.634-2000

Jessica Rosevear
Licensed Master Electrician
tel: 734.355.8294

Ken Wachsberger
Azenphony Press/Wachsberger Editorial Services
cell: 734.635.0577