Tom Wright, Personal Trainer

What, you say you can’t afford the “expense” of good health/physical fitness?
Oh, no, you think you don’t have time to get yourself in shape?

I’ve heard those excuses and lots more, including from my best clients before they realized that good health and physical fitness are an investment, not an expense.

And they’ve got the time if they’ve got the desire.

Do you have the desire to be healthy and fit?

I have my own studio. But I’ll come to your school or place of business if that better fits your schedule.

I offer:

  • Corporate self-defense
  • Mixed martial arts core training
  • Personal training
  • Karate workshops and private lessons
  • Self-defense workshops and hands-on clinics
  • All around fitness training

I’m flexible. And I want you to succeed.

I’m a 7th degree black belt who has been instructing students from the age of four to older than myself in the art and history of Isshinryu Karate for the last 30 years. As both a student and an instructor, I know that karate is useful in helping a person gain strength and confidence as well as physical and mental power. Recently I was certified as a Mixed Martial Arts Kearns Conditioning Coach. I offer this physical fitness program for all students, but especially student athletes as a way to continue conditioning between seasons.

For more information, call me, Tom Wright, at (734) 678-1090, send email to, or visit my website at

Here is what a few of my clients have said about me:

    I have worked with many trainers in the past. Tom by far is the best personal trainer I have worked with. I am recovering from major knee surgery and Tom’s expertise in fitness and regaining strength is superb. In only two and a half months I have dropped 17 pounds and have regained the strength in my knee post-op.—Lorissa Farr, owner/photographer at Photography by Lorissa

    Tom has been great working with me to increase my level of fitness. He provides a lot of support without being overbearing. He is nonjudgmental and takes me through every step I need to take to improve my fitness. I am confident that he does this with all of his clients.—Naomi Spivak, owner, Matan Embroidery

    Tom Wright has always made me feel like my fitness, my self-improvement, was a personal mission of his. I am confident all of his students feel the same way, but that is his excellence as a teacher.—Jon Kroll, software engineer at Gene Codes Corporation

    I came to Tom to get my health back in order when I realized that, at age 30, I weighed more and was more out of shape than ever before in my life. With a combination of Isshin-Ryu karate and MMA Strength and Conditioning classes, Tom helped me get my health back in check in a fun and engaging manner. He never made me feel bad about what I couldn’t do, but instead always made me want to do more with his calm and personable demeanor. I highly recommend Tom and Wright’s Karate/Fitness to any and all looking for a fun way to manage their health. I’ve brought many friends to the dojo (both young and old) and will continue to encourage those I know to seriously consider taking the first step to working with Tom.—Jonathon Baugh, Vice President at Patient Provider Communications, Inc.

    Sensei Wright knows how/when to encourage me to push myself to my limit (and then some) so that I achieve my goals; and he does it in a way that makes you say “Oh yes … I can!”—Barb

    Seven months ago, I had a serious medical condition that almost killed me. I spent a week in Critical Care Unit at the University of Michigan Hospital. When I got out of the hospital I couldn’t walk very well, and I had to be driven around to doctors’ appointments by my family because I wasn’t strong enough to operate my truck. I knew I had a long road to recovery, but I wanted to do something that would be in line with my lifestyle change, something that would help me be healthier and that I could do for the rest of my life. Tom became my personal trainer and after only four weeks I was still taken back by my own progress; it is due in large part to Tom’s motivation and work ethic. I am walking longer distances every session, and doing core conditioning and strength training with more and more reps every time…. I am so grateful for the physical help that I am getting from this program; the mental and emotional support is amazing. I have never worked so hard and felt so good at the end of any workout in my entire life.—Damian M, 32 yrs, Ann Arbor, Michigan