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Need an editor?

    Sure you’ve got a story to tell. Everyone does. But most people will never get it down on paper. For most people it’s a long road from the mind to the paper.

    But it doesn’t have to be if you have someone to guide you on your journey.

I’m your guy.

    I’ve been writing and editing for almost forty years, for newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. But my passion is books, my own and those of writers like you. And teaching writing, which I have done for many years, to high schoolers, college students, prisoners, and writers like you. I have edited for writers all over the world.

    I can take your present manuscript and make it shine—or I can help you create order out of the chaos that is currently swirling about in your brain. “Panic is step one.” I can get you to step two.

Check out my Web site to find out more about me and to review the books that have my own byline either as the author or the editor.

Then give me a call right away at 734 635-0577. Or email me at

    Don’t wait until you “have time.” You have time right now; you just don’t know it. I’ll show you where it is and how to use it to your advantage.

I also specialize in press releases, Web text, brochures, dissertations, and more.

Join me for a free consultation.

Ken Wachsberger, founder
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