Categories Available


in BNI-Ann Arbor West

There are many different categories under which a business can join BNI; however, there can only be one member per profession per chapter, for example, one Independent Financial Advisor, one Painter and Decorator, one Architect.

If your business clashes directly with one of the members of our chapter, you may still visit once or twice as a guest; however to join BNI you would either need to register under a different category, and only promote that side of your business at the meetings, or you may be able to find another chapter of BNI that doesn’t contain a member in your category.

Alternatively, you could place yourself on the waiting list, so that if the category you represent becomes vacant, you may be offered the chance to join.

To see which categories are already occupied, please visit the members page.

Members, if you find someone you think would be a good addition to our BNI chapter, invite them to a meeting and let the meeting sell BNI. Here’s how to approach them:


      I am working with a group of local business people who are looking for a

graphic designer

    to give their business to. Would you like to come and meet my colleagues?”